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A loss, let us see the all-round backwardness of Chinese football, and also see some hidden worries of Guangzhou Evergrande. Guangzhou Evergrande, which had secured the top spot in the group early, could afford to lose, and the Chinese Super League continued to be so farce, and the hard-earned development in the past seven or eight years might be wiped out.


One day after watching this game, looking back on this [lively] game, what do you remember in your mind?


Is that the splashing field? Or is it the sparkling splash of Axon when Peppa Pig meets his favorite mud pit?

那是飞溅的领域吗?还是当Peppa Pig遇到他最喜欢的泥坑时,Axon闪闪发光?

Is it consciously arching the fire and angering the opponent's cleverness?


Is it the domineering siege referee? Still dare to scold the referee with bloody pride?


Or is it the last large-scale group battle that pushed a farce to its climax?


Such poor venue conditions are the epitome of the backwardness of China's football infrastructure, and such vague and confused referees are another epitome of the backwardness of Chinese football's soft power. With the blessing of such a venue and the ignited emotions, injury is undoubtedly the biggest risk facing Guangzhou Evergrande, which has already secured the first place in the group.


In an interview after the last game, Paulinho once said: "


Of course, referees have their own standards and can also have their own style. For example, the referee's horsepower in this game is a fairly satisfactory referee from the law enforcement data this season. The whistle is not very broken, the penalty for tackles is relatively loose, but there are a lot of yellow cards, it doesn't matter.


The same hand-to-hand movement, one is a foul and the other is not. Is this because Exxon fell less beautiful than Edel? It was because of a penalty in the penalty area.


Look at how our football environment has forced honest people like Liao Lisheng into what they are. . .

看看我们的足球环境如何迫使像廖立生这样的老实人成为现实。 。 。

In short, the game was lively, but it was more like a farce. The shortcomings of the Chinese football field, referees, and players are almost fully exposed to the world. Perhaps as Cannavaro said in the post-match press conference:


Although it is difficult for us to sum up a game like this, some things still reveal some clues.


First of all,


Judging from the winning data of the high-altitude ball competition this season, Guangzhou Evergrande averaged


Judging from the header shot and goal data, Guangzhou Evergrande is also in Group A of the Super League


Judging from historical data, Guangzhou Evergrande亚博网投彩票’s header ability, especially header offense, has actually fallen further this season. This aspect has a lot to do with Guangzhou Evergrande’s lack of a strong center. The previous analysis also said that it has something to do with Taliska’s fewer shots in the penalty area. But actually


In the 90-minute conversion data for headers, the top players are


. From the perspective of personnel composition, Guangzhou Evergrande’s header ability is in addition to the future new force Wu Shaocong (


Judging from the header/pass data of this game, it seems that Exon, Liao Lisheng and Paulinho of Guangzhou Evergrande are doing pretty well. But on the defensive end, the restrictions on Suning’s Teixeira were relatively poor. Teixeira’s height not only had a key pass for a header, but also in Teixeira’s first goal. He also headed the goal first.


In the defense against Teixeira mentioned above, the bigger problem is not the back line, but the midfielder. The animation above can be clearly seen,


Judging from the key pass positions of the two sides, Jiangsu Suning had 4 key passes at the top of the penalty area, all of which were completed in the first half. Cannavaro replaced Yan Dinghao in the second half.


In these few games, Yan Dinghao obviously started to encounter his own "rookie wall". Last year, Yan Dinghao’s amazing game, Guangzhou Evergrande basically retreated defensively. There was also Huang Bowen on the back of the back. The characteristics of good passing and receiving ability are reflected, coupled with Yang Liyu in the frontcourt and Wei Shihao's interspersed running, Yan Dinghao has a lot of passing space.


This year, with Huang Bowen’s long-term injury and Wei Shihao’s truce, on the one hand, the interspersed running ability of the frontcourt has dropped significantly. On the other hand, since the full-back needs more assists, the defensive task in the midfielder position is sharp. It aggravated, and Yan Dinghao's weakness was more manifested at this time.


But whether as a player or a fan, you should understand that this is the only way for a young midfielder to grow. Guangzhou Evergrande's current tactics do not specifically set up a midfielder. The three midfielders have both offensive and defensive requirements. Yan Dinghao is still very young, and what height his future can reach is still in his own hands.


It is not surprising that a team relies on a few goals. Strictly speaking, this situation is almost universal in the Super League.


For example, the goals scored by Shenzhen team Mali and Gao Lin accounted for nearly 70% of the team's goals. Long Dong contributed half of Dalian's goals alone. Edel and Teixeira contributed 63% of Suning's goals. For Evergrande, Paulinho and Wei Shihao accounted for half of the team's goals.

例如,深圳队马里和Gao林打进的进球几乎占了球队进球的70%。龙洞仅完成了大连市目标的一半。 Edel和Teixeira贡献了苏宁63%的目标。对于恒大来说,保利尼奥和魏世豪占了球队进球的一半。

Generally speaking, there are 3~4 in the team


Excluding Wei Shihao who is in the truce, in the last few games, actually


Exxon's balance problem in high-speed confrontation has become a huge problem for him since his return to Evergrande. Although Exon demonstrated his skill in backing up, fighting for a header, and even scoring free kicks, he was still criticized after his return. One of the important reasons is that as a striker who relies on impact rather than technique/shooting to eat, he has degraded so much in sports combat.


From the data point of view, Exxon's so-called Guangzhou Evergrande's only Zhengyin center, 0.4 goals per game all come from set kicks or penalty kicks, and Exxon has not scored in sports this season. Perhaps when Exxon is satisfied with his body fat rate, he should also pay more attention to whether his dynamic confrontation ability in sports combat has also reached a good standard.


In addition to seeing some hidden worries, we should also see some optimistic things. From the observation of this game, Liao Lisheng, Deng Hanwen, Luo Guofu and Exon's state have all improved.


Judging from several statistics on ball possession, tackles, key passes, and header contention, Liao Lisheng was the number one in the team in this game. It can be said that his performance is very good. Although his interception hardness is lagging behind that of He Chao, it is undeniable that he can still do his homework in the midfielder position in this game.


And after Deng Hanwen played a bad half-court game against Suning last time, he was obviously very active on the wing in this game. There are strong jumps, shots, and passes. It can be said that most of the offensive in the second half has a very big relationship with him.


Exon broke through this suspected penalty point, and the passer was Deng Hanwen.


Deng Hanwen's flank was strong. Although he did not succeed in the end, it was obviously different from the state of the long-lost battlefield.


Deng Hanwen's shot in front of the goal, although the final shot was missed, but the calm stop, buckle and shot in front of the goal still showed his skill and state. Perhaps like Micro Motion Wing, the balance between the left and right feet will be the key factor in determining whether he can reach the next level


Finally, although we have many criticisms of Exon, after all, he also has such a speed and overtaking performance in this game. We still have to see that his state has improved from the beginning of the season, and the recovery of this state is obviously It is extremely important for the second stage of Evergrande.


Finally, let us put aside this insignificant defeat, pull away from whatever emotions it is, and look up at the opponent in the second stage.


According to the current points situation of Group B, Chongqing Lifan and Hebei Huaxia Fortune have locked the top four qualifications in the group. In the last round, Hebei China Fortune faces the Qingdao Yellow Sea, and Chongqing Lifan faces Shanghai SIPG. Under the premise that SIPG locks in the first place, Guangzhou Evergrande is likely to face China or Chongqing.


According to our previous deduction, "Who will be played first in the knockout match? 》, Chongqing must defeat Shanghai SIPG in the next game to avoid Guangzhou Evergrande in the knockout round. However, the chance of SIPG being defeated by Chongqing under normal circumstances is still small, and it is under strategic consideration whether Shanghai SIPG will take the initiative to give Guangzhou Evergrande Big choice opponents are also unknown


Judging from the ball possession rate of the two opponents, Chongqing and China, Hebei Huaxia Xingfu prefers to control the ball while Chongqing prefers to defend and counterattack. From the perspective of fouls, Chongqing Lifan fouls more but has fewer red and yellow cards, showing that Chongqing team fouls less when the defense is completely penetrated.


From the point of view of shooting and scoring, Chongqing Lifan's counterattack ability is very strong, while China Fortune Land Development Fund has no quick counterattack ability. However, both teams have strong header attack capabilities, especially in set-piece attack power, but relatively speaking, Hebei Huaxia Fortune's header attack ability is stronger.


in conclusion:


Positioning defense and header defense are Guangzhou Evergrande's defensive weaknesses. As a team habitually leading the offense, Guangzhou Evergrande is also quite afraid of the opponent's ability to counterattack. Regardless of Hebei Huaxia Fortune and Chongqing Lifan, in fact, there are killers for Guangzhou Evergrande's weaknesses. Overall, Guangzhou Evergrande should not be taken lightly.


What do you think?


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